Maxscend Named a RedHerring 100 Global winner
Maxscend Named a RedHerring 100 Global winner
Author:Unknown       Time:2007-12-14

    Seattle, WA, December 4, 2007--- Red Herring, the renowned global media company, announced today the top 100 high-tech start-ups in the world at the Red Herring Global 2007 Award Ceremony. Maxscend Technologies, a leading mobile digital TV IC solution provider, won this award in recognition of its state-of-the-art technology and outstanding marketing performance. Maxscend Technologies is the only winner in the field of mobile DTV IC solution in Asia Pacific Region.

    Due to the booming of the global mobile DTV market, and the key role that the mobile DTV IC plays in this filed, mobile DTV IC design has become the “gold mine” for next-generation high-tech entrepreneurs. Founded in April 2006, Maxscend Technologies delivered its first mobile DTV chip MXD0120 within a year since its inception. To this date, MXD0120 is still the world’s smallest DAB/T-DMB demodulator with lowest power consumption, and the only hardware solution that supports the latest EU DAB+ standard. The T-DMB market has witnessed MXD0120’s growing popularity since its April release. In China, it becomes the primary solution for mobile phone and PMP vendors, and has been adopted by 20+ mobile phone manufactures and design houses including Bird and Techfaith. In Europe, the DAB+ support of MXD0120 has proven to be appealing to major service providers. Several top-tier DAB/MP3 solution providers are collaborating with Maxscend for product launch in the near future. In Korea, MXD0120 has gained recognition among module vendors due to its excellent performance cost ratio, and this IC solution from China will soon be seen in this most developed T-DMB market.  

    Known as “the Bible of Silicon Valley”, Red Herring magazine is dedicated in identifying leading private high-tech companies across the world. The Red Herring Evaluation Committee fully recognizes Maxscend Technologies’ technology and commitment. Mr. Alex Vieux, CEO of Red Herring, comments: “We firmly believe that Maxscend Technologies is one of the best startups in the world. As long as it keeps focusing on the mobile DTV market, it will definitely achieve great success.”

    “We are very proud to be one of the top 100 innovative companies worldwide recognized by Red Herringid”, said Mr. Zhihan Xu, CEO of Maxscend Technologies, “This is definitely the best recognition of our achievement and potential. As this is the first worldwide contest held by Red Herring, the result is significant and far-reaching to our company and all other winners."

    This is the first time in its history for Red Herring to host such an event with world wide scale. All 1800 candidates came from regional Red Herring 100 winners and finalists of the last three years, from North America, Europe and Asia. After a rigorous evaluation process, the Red Herring Evaluation Committee whittled down this pool of 1800 to the 100 winners. Divided by regions, the winner list includes 22 Asian, 28 European and 50 North American companies. Sorted by sectors, eleven IC providers won the award, among which three are mobile TV IC suppliers including Maxscend Technologies.

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