About Us
  Funded by famous venture capital investors, Maxscend Technologies Inc. was incorporated by a group of Silicon Valley returnees in April 2006. Maxscend has its headquarter located in HongKong, R&D center located in Zhang Jiang High-tech Park, Shanghai, and a branch office in Shenzhen. The company is dedicated to developing and marketing DTV and mobile DTV chipsets. Supported by its comprehensive product lines, Maxscend provides its customers with turnkey solutions in these market segments.

Product Lines:

CMMB: CMMB SiP with high performance and high integration
DTMB: DTMB Demodulator compliant with ADTC standard that is on probation
DAB: DAB/DAB+/T-DMB Demodulator with low power consumption
TUNER: Multi-standards Tuner (DVB-T/H,ISDB-T,CMMB,DTMB,DAB,ATSC,FM) with low power consumption

Red Herring 2007 Global 100
China Private Equity Forum 2008 top 30
China Chip 2008 ten best potential chip
EE Times 2009 Silicon 60 Emerging Startups

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